Tuesday, October 23, 2007

new hardware on its way!

Pardon this totally self-indulgent post, but I just wanted to squeal about the fact that my custom (read: tricked-out) iMac just shipped this morning! I can't wait, especially since I've just about reached my boiling point with my stupid D*ll laptop running the oh so buggy Vista (yes, I totally take the blame for bringing that into my own life). Anyway, if you're wondering why I didn't just wait until Friday (when the new Mac OS, Leopard*, is scheduled for release) the answer I'm giving is that I didn't want to have to wait for the backlogging that's sure to be a result of the mad rush...especially now, after the media has crowned Apple the #3 computer manufacturer. The real reason, however, is: I really just couldn't wait any longer!

*if you bought a mac after Oct. 1 of this year, you get to upgrade to Leopard for only $9.99, according to the Apple website.

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