Sunday, March 23, 2008

Anyone here use Schoolrack?

So, I was nosing around Michael Whalen's blog (which I found while searching for a better blog skin, via iJustine's blog) and discovered one of his projects, SchoolRack. According to the site, users can:

"Create a free teacher website to keep students and parents informed outside of the classroom.
Create a professional web page in just a few minutes! Sign Up Free!...

With SchoolRack you can post homework, upload files for students, and much more."

Haven't used it, looks interesting, will get back to you on it...anyone who has given it a spin, let me know? Thanks!

SchoolRack: Create a FREE Teacher Website!
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Jessie C said...

I actually had a teacher that used SchoolRack a few years back and it worked swimmingly for us. Since I plan on joining Teach for America in a few months I think i'll give the service a try..i just hope i have the time to keep it updated.

Come to think of it i think Mrs. Peterson still uses it... Love your site by the way!

Laura R said...

Thanks for the feedback...and best of luck with TFA! Yes, the biggest conundrum with using these tools is finding the time to maintain them...but don't let that discourage you!

UCSB199 said...

I've never used schoolrack, but do use They offer free teacher websites also. It's a very easy service to use and comes with tons of tools tailored for teacher websites. If you are interested, you can find them at