Saturday, April 26, 2008

PODCAMP NYC review coming soon...

I'm running a little late (having had no sleep for the last two days, thanks to PODCAMP NYC 2.0...well, thanks to myliving so far from Brooklyn, actually) but I'm just posting to remind myself (and my readers) that I hope to post a review of PODCAMP, which so far is better than any educational conference I've EVER attended. Have you ever gone to an educators conference that has live music, temporary tattoos and free Vitamin Energy drinks? I have to go to these things more often!


wsh1266 said...

Hey Laura-

We try to make Podcamp both educational and fun- conferences shouldn't be boring! they should be about getting together with collegues and sharing, and glad you had a good time at Podcamp NYC!

John C. Havens said...

Hi Laura,

Just wanted to say I'm really glad you came to PodCampNYC and had a positive experience, last minute changes and all. We really worked hard to create an event that would give value to educators.

John C. Havens
Lead Organizer,