Monday, September 29, 2008

The Teacher Salary Project

I'm reposting this from Marthaq's tumblr (she's one of our profession's passionate, dynamic young teachers); an interesting video collaboration called The Teacher Salary Project.
From the website: "THE TEACHER SALARY PROJECT is a feature-length documentary film, interactive online resource, and national outreach campaign that delves into the core of our educational crisis from the eyes and experiences of our nation's teachers...A good teacher has the power to change the course of a life. A teacher can move a child from poverty to promise by providing him or her with the skills and confidence necessary to be carried into adulthood—yet because teachers in the United States have historically had an average annual salary lower than their peers with similar educational backgrounds, 50 percent of our nation's best teachers must have second jobs outside of the classroom—like tutoring, mowing lawns, selling stereos, bartending—to be able to afford to teach."

Time to get out the Flip camera and start that teacher vlog you've been thinking about...?
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