Tuesday, October 23, 2012

3 Study Tips

Here are 3 Study Tips that may help you manage your workload during the school year:
1) PRIORITIZE SUBJECTS: Start with your most difficult subject first. You want to tackle those challenging assignments first while your mind is fresher, and before real fatigue sets in. It may be tempting to avoid the hardest subject and put it off until later, but doing that may cause you to never get to it.
2) CHOOSE THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT: Some students like to study at home or in their dorm room; but while those may be the most convenient locations, they are rife with distractions. Let's face it, we do other things than study when we're in our home environment (eat, play video games, talk to friends, watch TV), so it's only natural that those activities may tempt you away from your study goals. Sometimes the library, cafeteria, local coffee shop or even the campus quad may be better choices, because you're there for a purpose. Once you've achieved your goal, then you can go home and do those other things you want to do (which might include sleep)!
3) TAKE BREAKS: You hear this suggestion all the time: take breaks while you study. It may seem like forcing yourself to take a break may seem like a deliberate interruption, but if you a) schedule your breaks, and b) manage them carefully, they will actually help you study longer and more efficiently. Let's say you estimate that you'll need a good two hours of studying in one night to achieve your goals: plan to take a break after the first hour, but don't let the break last longer than ten minutes. While this may extend your study time to two hours and ten minutes, you're more likely to see it through as opposed to getting fatigued and giving up after 90 minutes.
I hope these tips work for you. Good luck this semester!

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